What We Do
Through strategic engagement and catalytic investments, CHAP works with partners to build stronger community-health systems, both globally and in the United States.
System Strengthening

Financing Alliance for Health
The Financing Alliance helps governments design and fund ambitious, affordable and at-scale community-health programs, including by finding innovative financing pathways and investments opportunities that utilize the private sector. While primarily focused on financing, this team has technical expertise, helping countries design more efficient and effective systems. Through in-country secondments and long-term support, the Financing Alliance stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance, helping them develop strategies and financing options.
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AMP Health
AMP Health is committed to achieving the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care of “a world where governments and societies prioritize, promote, and protect people’s health and well-being.” To deliver upon the shared promise of Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, major investments in the development and deployment of diagnostics, vaccines and other technologies need to be paired with increased investment in the people responsible for ensuring these tools reach every person who needs them.

AMP Health works to improve health systems and outcomes by collaborating with governments to strengthen leadership and management capabilities through public-private partnership. AMP Health currently supports seven government health programs across four countries: Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Zambia and is actively exploring opportunities to expand to additional program areas, ministries, countries and continents.
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Community Health Impact Coalition
The Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC) exists to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide. CHIC catalyzes the adoption of high-impact community health systems design by: identifying practices that lead to quality care delivery; and accompanying partners to adopt those practices.
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Advocacy and Mobilization

Community Health Roadmap
With a firm belief that strong, sustainable community-health systems promote, protect and expand access to care at scale, Ministries of Health across 15 countries collaborated with partners to develop the Community Health Roadmap. The Roadmap elevates national community-health priorities and creates a common agenda for investments in community health to strengthen primary health care. The Roadmap remains an ongoing, dynamic initiative, continually updated as national priorities change and progress is achieved.

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U.S. Initiatives

Collaborating with a network of partners in the United States, CHAP works to: build capacity at the state and local levels of government around maternal and community health; improve quality by supporting outreach workers (e.g. CHWs) and helping spread quality maternal health interventions; and accelerate state and federal policies to alter financing and service delivery of maternal health care. Example efforts:

• Community Health: working as an alliance to enhance the sustainability of community-based health workforces
• Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative in Newark and Camden with Merck for Mothers
• New Jersey Maternal Health Innovation Center with Office of the First Lady
• National policy promotion with Every Mother Counts and March for Moms

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UHC and SDG 3 are unattainable without better health services for 1 billion people with disabilities. Across the world, people with disabilities are more likely to be poor, excluded from education and employment opportunities, and face social exclusion and poor quality of life. In recognition of these gaps, the SDG framework explicitly emphasizes including people with disabilities in terms of education, employment, reducing inequality, inclusive settlements, and data collection as part of its commitment “to leave no one behind.”

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