About CHAP

For nearly a decade, a devoted group of philanthropists, working in partnership with health professionals worldwide, has delivered creativity, clarity, and energy to the field of community health.


Global investments and technical expertise helped to sustain and strengthen community health systems from Nigeria to Kenya, and led to the formation of the Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP).


This success was a direct result of supporting replicable models of care with in-country partners, providing capacity and technical assistance to Ministries of Health and non-governmental organizations, advocating for effective policy changes, and facilitating convenings and coalitions. CHAP focused on spreading and scaling Community Health Worker (CHW) programs throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


Today, CHAP is focused domestically, taking important lessons of scalability, sustainability, and collaboration from the global context. We know that philanthropic investments can catalyze systemic change. We understand that the best work happens when community members are facilitating it.


We know that supporting government and state agencies is crucial. And we know that sustained funding is requisite for lasting change. For more information and to get involved, please visit us online at chap.health.