Birth Equity Funders Summit Report Now Available

April 2023

Cover of Birth Equity Funders' Summit 2022 Report. Navy blue background and yellow header text, with a white line drawing of a baby. Logos for partners appear at bottom of the page.

Maternal morbidity and mortality, preterm birth, and infant mortality rates in the United States are among the worst in the developed world, with rates particularly high among Black and Indigenous people. To date, we’ve seen growing rates of disparities across the U.S., and these are expected to worsen with the reversal of Roe v. Wade. While significant public and private dollars have been committed to maternal and child health across the U.S., there have been limited gains and growing disparities. There is an urgent need for funders to examine the funding needs of clinical care systems, the community support continuum, and social drivers of poor outcomes – and the interaction of all three to provide culturally congruent experiences and improved outcomes for birthing people. It is critical to reconsider what is being funded, how it is being funded, and who is getting support.”

CHAP is proud to share the newly released report from the inaugural Birth Equity Funders’ Summit held in Atlanta, Georgia last fall.

As members of the planning committee, we are truly grateful to everyone who contributed to the summit’s success and hope the report will serve as a valuable resource for funders interested in working collaboratively to advance and achieve birth equity throughout the United States.

Read the full report:
Birth Equity Funders Summit 2022 Report