MEDICAID ISSUE BRIEF: Postpartum Medicaid Implementation

Graphic with supplementary information on maternal mortality with key data points as follows: 31% of maternal deaths occur during pregnancy, 17% around the time of delivery, 52% durring postpartum (up to one year following birth)

Together with our partners at Pritzker Children’s Initiative and Merck for Mothers, CHAP is pleased to share a new issue brief: Postpartum Medicaid Implementation. Detailing the current state of postpartum Medicaid extensions—to date, 45 states have expanded coverage, the brief focuses on recommendations for how funders can support the success and implementation of the 12-month […]

Maternal Mental Health Equity Fund Announces Grant Recipients

Square graphic announcement for Maternal Mental Health Equity Fund that reads "7 Programs, $75K & Site Supports Each Year for 3 Years", with map of the US in upper right, with red pins for seven locations across country and an infographic across bottom half with details on funding supports.

As founding members of the Maternal Mental Health Equity Fund, CHAP is honored to announce the recipients of a new grant designed to fund models of maternal mental health care built in and by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. The seven selected organizations will each receive $75,000 per year for three years. […]

CHAP Newsletter: 2023 Reflections & Updates

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to thank you for your guidance, inspiration, and collaboration. Our commitment to rethinking philanthropy in support of systems-driven, community-based care has only grown this year, and we will continue to champion organizations, programs, and policies focused on birth equity and community health workforces in 2024. For more […]

Maternal Mental Health Equity Fund Launches RFP

Square graphic with blue background, text, and Community Health Acceleration Partnership logo

In 2021, mental health was the leading preventable cause of maternal mortality, with maternal mental health—which can include anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychosis, substance use disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder—affecting one in seven birthing women, and nearly one in four new mothers of color experiencing postpartum depression. However, most pregnant and parenting people of color […]

2023 Birth Equity Funders Landscape Report Now Available

Report cover that includes image of Black woman leaning towards baby whose hands are grasping at woman's face. In the upper left, Funders for Birth Justice and Equity logo is visible. Report title sits below and reads Birth Equity Funders Landscape in Blue. Below that copy in yellow reads 2023.

Funders for Birth Justice & Equity (FBJE) has released a new landscape report providing an overview of the state of philanthropic funding for birth equity. The report focuses on who makes up the current landscape of funders, what they are funding, and how they are integrating an equity lens in their practices and approaches. CHAP […]

New Report Details Critical Doula and Perinatal Findings from National Learning Series

Slide with logos for Institute for Medicaid Innovation and Every Mother Counts at the top followed by the following copy: New resource from the Institute for Medicaid Innovation and Every Mother Counts now available! Key Learnings from the Doula and Perinatal Community Health Worker in Medicaid Learning Series

Last month, our partners at Every Mother Counts (EMC) and the Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) released a report detailing the findings from a recent CHAP-funded learning series focused on developing Medicaid benefits for doulas and perinatal community health workers (CHWs). The free program, geared towards Medicaid stakeholders across the country, included an interactive, web-based […]

History in the Making

CHAP was honored to join our partners at GirlTREK in Montgomery, Alabama, last month to celebrate their purchase of the historic Black Bricklayers Hall, a building that once served as a base for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and as the epicenter of the Montgomery Bus boycott. “The input from our CHAP allies during our […]

Let’s unlock opportunities and impact the outcomes for birthing people together.

This week in the New York Times, Dr. Veronica Gillispie-Bell calls attention and offers important solutions to the United States’ increasing maternal mortality rates and the inequities embedded within them in her piece More Mothers Are Dying. It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way. In New Jersey, where Black women are nearly seven times more […]

All birthing people deserve a system they can trust.

Since the news surrounding Tori Bowie’s death broke last week, we’ve been thinking deeply about the ways in which the details of her story exemplify the failures of the current healthcare system when it comes to birthing people, particularly those who are Black and those with a history of mental health issues.

Birth Equity Funders Summit Report Now Available

Cover of Birth Equity Funders' Summit 2022 Report. Navy blue background and yellow header text, with a white line drawing of a baby. Logos for partners appear at bottom of the page.

“Maternal morbidity and mortality, preterm birth, and infant mortality rates in the United States are among the worst in the developed world, with rates particularly high among Black and Indigenous people. To date, we’ve seen growing rates of disparities across the U.S., and these are expected to worsen with the reversal of Roe v. Wade. […]