Community-Based Workforce

When we talk about the Community-Based Workforce, we’re talking about trusted advisors who share common experiences and traits such as culture, language, and lived experience, with members of the historically under-resourced communities they serve. These frontline caregivers have strong relational expertise and are committed to advancing equity and health. 
CHAP tailors its resources and activities to support this workforce and its integration into the ecosystem of care. And we bring proven models, research, and capacity to bolster local impact and inform policy. We start with people because we believe that the people closest to the problem have the greatest insight into the solutions.
Evidence shows that a Community-Based Workforce can: 
  • Facilitate greater access to care and services 
  • Improve health outcomes (including maternal health!) 
  • Create neighborhood resilience 
  • Despite this evidence, this workforce has been subject to inconsistent funding streams, thwarting growth of the workforce and undervaluing the people doing the work.