Free COVID-19 Helpdesk for Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers

April 2020
 - April 2021
Jacaranda Health

Jacaranda Health’s mission is to end preventable maternal and newborn deaths by deploying low-cost, sustainable solutions that improve the quality of care in government health systems. Jacaranda partners with governments to deploy affordable and scalable solutions through government hospitals, where the majority of underserved mothers and babies receive care. Jacaranda Health works to improve the way care is accessed and delivered, driving measurable and sustained impact for those who need it most.

The purpose of this grant was to set up and staff a remote help desk to immediately enable pregnant people to navigate pregnancy and postpartum safely during the COVID-19 crisis. The project was implemented in North Carolina and, in addition to meeting an urgent need for information, it offered the maternal health community better insight to shape policy solutions.

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