Primary Care Beyond Clinic Walls

January 2022
 - January 2023
Oregon Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP)

With over 1,600 members, the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) is the largest medical specialty society in Oregon and is the state chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians. OAFP’s mission is to support family physicians in their pursuit of optimal health for the people of Oregon and provides value to its members by advocating for sustainable, equitable health care in their communities.

This project will support a cohort of 5-10 participating OAFP physicians to establish long-term, relationships with community-based organizations (CBO) and local public health offices (LPH) to address community health needs related to inequities and social drivers of health.

OAFP will provide ongoing mentoring and technical support including one-on-one, project meetings, monthly cohort meetings, and virtual collaboration for peer-to-peer feedback. This project will improve community resilience by strengthening ties between primary care, public health, and community health actors. The project is also designed to reduce burnout for participating physicians. CHAP has funded the project in partnership with the Andrew and Cory Morris-Singer Foundation.

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