For nearly a decade, a devoted group of philanthropists, in partnership with health professionals and community catalysts worldwide, has delivered creativity, clarity, and energy to the field of community health, developing and sharing replicable models for healthcare system transformation.

Today, CHAP focuses exclusively on public health in the United States, inspired and informed by important learnings from our global work:

Philanthropic investments can catalyze systemic change.

The best work happens when community members are facilitating it.

Supporting government and state agencies is crucial.

And sustained funding is a requisite for lasting change.

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Our Mission:

Creating stronger community health systems through strategic collaboration and catalytic investments.

Recent Projects

Maternal Mental Health Network: Building a Stronger Collaborative


Ending Maternal Child Health Inequities with Brazelton Touchpoints Center


Employer Sponsored Community Health Workers: A Novel Model for Improving Health and Wellbeing Among Low-Income and Minority Populations


Coming Together to Fund a Transformed and Just Maternity Care System


Doulas and Perinatal CHWs in Medicaid: A Learning Series on Leveraging Community-Based Support Services in Medicaid


Birth Equity Catalyst Project


Recent Publications

June 2021
Vijaya K. Hogan, MPH, DrPH, et al.